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Editor: Isaías Blanco

A robust business idea might be the perfect excuse to find motivation in the middle of the global pandemic uncertainty and raise the illusion of gaining money doing what you love.

To make our project achievable, we must analyze and study our current financial reality, convenient time to drawn ideas, digital resources, funds to invest, and our skills to deploy the time without getting lost in frustration.

Having a global and realistic overview is the first step in any strategic business plan, even more since it will be the essential guide to each line of action that allows new operational approaches.

Entrepreneurial progress’s strategic vision invites us to seek intellectual and cognitive challenges that replace negative reasoning with innovative ideas. In such a way, entrepreneurship projects should be focused on satisfying key audiences’ needs in specific geographical contexts where they would like to achieve goals.

One of the most intense challenges faced since the beginning of the pandemia -which represents the main difficulty to recover the entrepreneurial motivation- is the fact of non be able to prevent inherent risk or specific times to deploy the idea or connect the business with the potential customer. 

Further, several commercial confinements due to lockdowns or mobility restrictions describe a considerable hurdle to examine with a healthy mindset. All factors related to delays might be positive to gaining time -studying the market and analyzing user’s behaviors. 


Uncertainty Vs. Motivation based on your own idea


The effective way to stop the reduction of motivation is to manage the idea like a part-time hobby not focused on making money because the future profit will be the consequence after connecting the business with the clients and solving their troubles -or making their lives easier. 

This is the reason why Focusing the energy in increasing productivity and reaching a new standard of production quality/quantity represents an excellent way to boost entrepreneurial motivation.

Uncertainty is one of the most dangerous ghosts of success in professionals between 25 and 40 years old due to all physical and commercial impediments limiting the business plan -or the idea deployment.

Moreover, the recent uncertainty narrows the creativity index, slows down operational momentum, and predisposes a load of negative emotions to any stimulus linked to the business idea. 

After all described below, in organizational terms, any lack of motivation symbolizes all the saturation related to operations, investment, payments, bills, restrictions, rumors, market prices and information spread on mass-media. 





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