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Editor: Isaías Blanco

A profitable Seo Branding campaign on Google must explain the differentiating value of the product and how they solve a problem for target audiences.

From the first words in the search engine description, the objective needs to describe each feature of the product and how it works or represents a fundamental solution for target audiences. 

The core of efficient Search Marketing Branding Strategy should reveal each one on the differentiating elements of a service or product to connect it with traffic trends in a specific geographical context, Keyword niches, payment campaigns in social networks and newsletter distribution.

Each Search Marketing strategy’s goal describes the funnel conversion as a part of the buyer journey, where the sales process originates from ordered previous phases instead of the final objective.

On the other hand, each KPI [Key performance indicators = Success indicators of management] can not develop sales actions if Google’s content does not target Call to Action to target audiences.


Micro-Conversions are an essential part of sales.


SEO best practices challenge the conversion from Google to the payment gateway page. Still, each registration, expending time on page, page-visit, and subscription are the core of the fundamental selling process. 


SEO Branding in Google explains what your brand does best.

To better understand the dimensions of a brand’s positioning in search engines, it is essential to note that SEO branding in Google is a sales technique that explains “what + how + where.”

For example, most new companies pretending to sell their products on Google look for an effective solution that boosts sales with minimum investment. This perspective’s difficulty -also a wrong mindset- is related to the low investment in technology, marketing, or customer acquisition. 

If any startup wants to pull new and more clients, it is fundamental to create a smart call to action straight from Google listing. The smart way to do it is placing on the meta-descriptions all differentiating elements of the brand in a geographical context.

To better explain the core of SEO Branding in Google, it is worth breaking down the previous example into its prime factors to detail how each element affects the brand’s positioning.


SEO Branding highlights.

1. First of all, you must comply with Google’s optimization parameters, so the metatiltes must be less than 70 characters and the meta description below 160 characters.

2. Emphasis is placed on the keyword in each title, subtitle, metatitle, meta description, links, images and links.

3. The brand promise must describe how they solve the problem and optimizes the process.

4. All copies placed on the landing page should emphasize the advantage of hiring the services and finding long-term benefits. 

In this way, when explaining the brand’s differential value from the description goals, there will be a greater probability of connecting potential customers’ purchase intentions.




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