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The primary key to duplicate monthly organic sales interprets the potential client’s behavior in Google to target all the meta descriptions to the most relevant traffic trends.

In terms of eCommerce Business Development, the proper targeting of featured products must understand how the potential users are demanding goods, looking for offers and recommending services to their community. 

However, understanding potential buyers’ primary interests requires an appropriate analytic approach to distinguish the potential buyer from an aspirational visitor. It is convenient to emphasize that each potential buyer can pay for the product in the short term. 

But besides users’ workflow and type of visitors, the most affordable way to distinguish the kind of organic user is by monitoring their source. Similarly, the geographic precedence of each guest will reveal if the content is engaging the adequate target.

For example, suppose there is an online store specialized in Karate accessories and clothes targeting products to Munich, then, would be expected more organic users from the south of Germany than other countries or cities.  

Using Google Hot Trends, Hot SERPS and Keywords Planner from Google Ads helps entrepreneurs and eCommerce managers analyze how the target public uses Search Engine in their city. 


Prototyping the punchline

Studying how users interact with the eCommerce platform drives the correct business intelligence knowledge to create a powerful conversion call to action based on customer insights plus traffic trends. 

Even there is no unique formula to create the perfect punchline to turn visitors into sales, the primary message should take into consideration the most visited pages to optimize them based on the hot trends.

Free tools such as Google Trends, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Insight Manager, Buyer Ranks, Brand24 and Ritetag specify the behavior of users around content or topic of conversation. 

Also, these tools extract the most significant amount of data from the interactive market to detect opportunities for success, visualize possible challenges, consolidate strengths of the potential product and refactor the weaknesses or shortcomings when compared with other players.

Keyword research mechanisms – or hot trends analyzers tools- open an environment of valuable data to classify user types by location, age, sex, likes, interests, hobbies, social class. -Even what kind of products they dislike.

Although Web Analytics and Business Intelligence are vital sections in Internet purchase techniques, they are also areas of knowledge that every entrepreneur must master to speed up the sales process. 

Therefore, the proper management of information represents the decisive and exclusive factor that distinguishes successful ventures from those initiatives that remained on the document wondering how to turn visitors into sales.


Introducing the Design Thinking to the SEO Strategy 

Understanding Web Analytics and Business Intelligence from the perspective of Design Thinking principles allows the entrepreneur to improve the quality of the product, brand or service after weighing competitive advantages and differentiating elements over potential commercial rivals.

And it is precisely in the commercial rivalry section that makes a product reach its maximum capacity because finding the missing function demanded in the market will increase the chances of success.

Beyond online sales, the Desing thinking principles improve the digital analytical skills to determine the most profitable users and markets—additionally, this new approach catalyst the SEO and the brand positioning process.

It remembers that each online sale is the final result of a detailed commercial strategy and can convert the most significant number of potential consumers into customers.

Web Analytics and Business Intelligence audit the web traffic of an ongoing website every time it is necessary to detail the behavior of each consumer group. Mainly, the predictive application of data helps build the correct landing page targeted for a specific market. 

In conclusion, Web Analytics and Business Intelligence principles applied to an e-commerce, clothing brand, consulting services or gastronomic or pastry business provide the necessary benchmark to raise a solid brand audience. Adapting the content and call to action to the buyer persona will increase the possibilities of driving more sales. 

A millimeter segmentation process based on metrics catalyzes sales due to activates the necessary production chain of items demanded with high sales possibilities.



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