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Editor: Isaías Blanco

A successful entrepreneur should introduce leading business-to-business services and sell the solution for an unavoidable necessity.

A successful sales speech appeals to emotions and enhances positive feelings after explaining how the service will upgrade/change business management and drive more customer-clients.

However, selling a service shouldn’t be the primary goal during the business proposal. It will be the direct consequence of previous steps, such as the problem-solution formula for specific needs -or the demonstration of how each feature boost customer acquisition in other previous clients. 


Potential clients are everywhere, food markets, dinners, tennis clubs, golf clubs 

Daily interactions on social gatherings, sporting events, causal synergies at events, and dinners at colleges/friends are ideal scenarios to augment the client’s portfolio after distinguishing clear not satisficed needs when sharing their experiences.

Therefore it is vital to pay attention to each sentence level place by the other interlocutors and talk just right after they repeat the current trouble in their business.

Prudence is the key in this kind of sales speech. Despite the interaction’s timing and circumstances, it is indispensable to have incorporated the sales chatter to introduce the service in the perfect moment using phrases such as “I can help you to solve this challenge in a short time.”

Right after, the target would give you its full attention; the successful selling must explain how the solution/service solves this kind of challenges, highlights each competitive advantage over close competitors.

Additionally, the sales speech must emphasize how the organization possesses the missing function demanded on the market buy clients like the target. 


Ask for more details after introducing the solution


The intuitive observation prevails to ask critical questions to determine if the potential client has invested in similar services, evaluate his experience, and outline -in short seconds- which would be the strategy to improve commercial performance.

Alternatively -meanwhile the target is offering more details- it is indispensable to develop a coherent, prudent, natural, spontaneous, dynamic, analytical and unique conclusion able to explain in simple words how the solution will boost productivity, sales and client nurturing. 

A good example would indicate how the missing function is the key to improving its commercial positioning, attracting new clients, growing financial indicators, optimizing resources, automating operational processes, shortening distances in the distribution chain and automatizing distribution channels.

The first goal should be to find the number, business card, or manager, director, or owners’ email/phone due to short timing. 

The fundamental core to guide the customer acquisition must turn frustrations and challenges into business opportunities. In other words, it means selling a feasible-scalable-flexible service capable of bringing visible changes after use.

After all, the success of a sale of commercial, business or consulting services to any small, medium or large company depends 50% on the projection of profits and 50% on the seller’s fast speech.



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