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Editor: Isaías Blanco

The democratization of education due to Covid-19 restrictions opened new possibilities to enhance the innovation process, increase productivity, save money and reduce production times.

After almost two years of mobility restrictions, the online context of the most important universities in Europe and the US has reinvented the teaching process to encourage self-development and analytical research abilities in the professional improvement fields.

However, the advance of independent academies and online education centers occupied the influence of high-rank top universities to promote self-development as the core concept responsible for providing a new world of professional opportunities. 

Prestigious opinion leaders, education influencers and the new academic network -formed under the restrictions- found the missing function seek in the market to encourage self-development using the public data indexed in Google, Youtube videos and trusted webinars.    

And is precisely the enthusiasm for a new business transformation/reinventing the impulse capable of upgrading self-development paradigms related to course quality, price and content.

Furthermore, the first quarter of 2021 showed that investing more than 15.000$ in an MBA wouldn’t be an intelligent decision considering the vast uncertainty, instability and cautious market recovery projections posted by national and international media in the US and Europe.


How to adopt the continuous innovation process in the business operations


Any business manager or professional is interested in intensifying the influence of a particular line of products/services should reinvent the organization’s philosophy. The core of the business must consider a re-foundation to drive more value to the markets and clients.

However, re-built an organization from the roots results from several goals, where constant innovation is the key to achieving the porpoise. 

The innovation process should guide the entire business to generate a set of operative processes able to automatize process, introduce new technology, reduce timing, reduce cost, audit results and create new alternatives to keep having a good performance in the market.  

An essential part of the innovation process goes through creativity and business intelligence to identify and turn market insights into opportunities, strategies, and a new approach to face customer preferences. 

Besides creativity, the analytical mindset is another indispensable part of the innovation process to distinguish opportunities where others see problems and methods before bureaucratic protocols.

To endure an innovation plan capable of reinventing the business core, each manager or specialist should analyze the organization’s current offer is selling in the market. Understanding the socio-economic-cultural characteristics of the target audience is the most crucial task before working on the missing function demanded by the customers. 

As soon as the information has turned into the key of the business intelligence, the management team should examine each insight detected in the potential customers to distinguish which is the opportunity to introduce an innovative suitable plan.




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