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Adopting the essential core from the Lean Startup method would serve as a visual framework to train our thoughts, intensity commitments and visualize crucial goals.

The Lean Startup Method is a business methodology focused on accelerating the corporative process after suggesting a new approach towards timing, techniques, audition, and organization.

This methodology proposes decomposing the project’s structure, idea, and initiative into the most fundamental part. The plan must first consider testing, analyzing, and prototyping a Minimum Product Viable instead of investing extensive time on projects that are not fruitful in the long term. 

Besides the theory, the proper adaptation of the Lean Startup techniques to self-development environments and business entrepreneurship areas must consider the main subject porpoise.

Adopting a new brain mindset depends on the disposition and assertiveness levels of the person focused on discovering his better version and reach his main goals. 

Safe time and resources are the most crucial reasons why the Lean Startup methodology should be used as the reference point for achieving success. If we can understand -also define- each element of our environment before any business adventure, the probabilities of success will be higher than the risk of tremendous uncertainty.

Furthermore, the Lean Startup methods propose innovatively hack ideas to succeed in uncertain environments. The fail percentage is managed with a different approach -such as prototyping the theory the maximum as possible before investing resources in the real world market.

We are considering a new approach that would teach us how to use uncertainty as an element that can be incredibly positive, as long as we have a crucial purpose.

Lean interactions in professional environments


But what if you encounter resistance and authoritarianism among your colleagues while analyzing the company? It would be best to practice patience because it will be a matter of little time for any thesis based on egos and assumptions without data to collapse.

Professional success is the sum of cunning, strategy, patience and intelligence at the right moments, which uses the right words to persuade from data, reasoning and arguments that are difficult to contradict.

And if ultimately the middle managers, managers or coordinators beat on your project and try to stop it, you would need to wait for the best opportunity to introduce it, explaining why and how it will benefit them.

Finally, describing how to approach the missing function in the professional environment represents the primary advantage of promoting/raising new projects. 




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