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During the vast Covid-19 pandemia, in 2020, I helped sell 160.000$ on Google after sync their entire stock to the latest Search Engine Sales techniques.

Isaías Elías Blanco SEO
Isaías Elías Blanco SEO

Hey! I am Isaías Elías Blanco the SEO specialist of City Balloons in Houston Texas.

This Balloon story began in 2018 on Juanchi’s birthday -current City Balloons CEO. In his dinner, he told me about running an online balloon store. And just right after a couple of weeks of debating about the business model, we developed a fantastic online store dedicated to selling balloons in Houston, Texas.

I developed the entire website using the best SEO frameworks following the most advanced benchmarks. And after nine months of SEO branding strategies, we reached the top-5 positions in all the keywords related to “balloons Houston.”

I remember the first months of 2020 were dedicated to project the next SEO on-page activities to enhance our organic reach. And all of a sudden, Covid-19 join the game -the rest of the history is well know by the entire world.


Stock synced with hot trends in Google done by the target audience


In the middle of enormous Covid-19 uncertainty, we considered paralyzing operations because “people would not have wanted to buy balloons during a devastating pandemia, but the SEO benchmarks changed our entire approach.

However, April 10th was the day when I decided to update the situation’s approach. I optimized all our stock with all kinds of trends related to future party celebrations searched in Google by decorators in Houston or Texas.

The result was incredible! I couldn’t believe how we start receiving continuous orders from Google close to 10.000$ per month at the end of May.

And it was in august of 2020 when we reached 20.000$ orders sold by SEO after ranked our store in the top-5 on ‘Balloon Houston.’ Then at the end of 2020, we could sell more than 100.000$ just by the SEO channel.

Today I am too excited about my labors in City Balloons, even more, since the last march of 2021 we sold 54.000$ from Google.

My goal and vision are too focused on selling more than a million dollars per year just by the SEO channel in 2022.

It is my pleasure to invite you to try a decoration with balloons. It will change the glow at your party. And remember to Think Big and act like a CEO.



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