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Brands, products-Services of Startups, or Corporations in the United States and Europe apply SEO branding tactics on their main landing pages to maximize traffic from Google and increase potential sales.

Although, today in the Middle of the Covid pandemic, and after almost 20 years of definitions corporations and companies understood that positioning the commercial offer of an organization in search engines, directories and networks Social is key to influence sales volume

However, theories, concepts and extensive content on digital marketing exposed in 2020 conducted an essential knowledge database to keep clear the relevance about being popular on Google Results.

2020 transformed the eCommerce industry in The United States and Europe after highlighting the relevance of display precise information in Google when potential customers are looking for a specific service.

In a society that deepens its interconnection and digitization every day, it is important that brands have high percentages of interaction on social networks and once they anticipate possible user searches in strategic markets.

And although the present is SEO as a technical-strategic discipline that places a website in the first results of Google when entering keywords; the evolution of the “search intelligence” of users forces a website to be positioned in the strategic segments where the target audience lives.


SEO Branding Key: Companies Should Deploy Strong Web Authority


In a globalized world, the interactive dynamics of digital marketing professionals, advertising agencies and social media laboratories reiterate:

  • It is important that you appear on Google.
  • You must appear in the keywords your audience is looking to sell.
  • -You have to be first in Google, Bing and Yahoo to upload your clients.

But none of the specialists stops to analyze the anatomy of the brand, understand its organizational values, study the message that the company transmits, and visualize the brand positioning that the organization illustrates to its potential consumers.

Even though so many specialists share the overscore related to keyword research, inbound links and web architecture, several benchmarks in Silicon Valley are revealing how to turn each organic visitor into a potential sale – each time they click on target content centered on users.

This is the reason why commercial brands focused their SEO campaign on custom user groups to lead a market. Appear on top of Google’s results is just the 1/4 part of the selling process, even more, profitable revenue -in terms of traffic and sales- will come when the content explains how to solve the trouble in specific situations.

It is worth considering that each new brand interested in drive traffic from Google and introduce itself as an innovative player must show each showcase and successful history to a specific segment of buyers.

In this case, keyword research a link pyramid is fundamental to build a solid online reputation -content marketing is not enough to combat this situation in Google. All efforts must be directed on understanding the anatomy of the brand to design an SEO Branding plan that elevates differential values, is the leading missing function in the market and is solving troubles in an easy way.

SEO is about branding, it means a strategy to provide a faster and good quality experience with relevant information -useful to rich knowledge and not due to promotion.

SEO Branding must be focused on building trust with heighten information based on high-quality products.



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