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Editor: Isaías Blanco

Suppose you want to mark a new stage in your life full of achievements and successes. In that case, it is considered urgent to admit that our fortune is all the decisions, accomplishments and learnings that you have accumulated so far.

To unlock your maximum economic, financial, spiritual potential, you must find yourself at peace with yourself.

Just in a peaceful state of mind, we can interpret insights from the market and our society and turn them into tremendous opportunities to develop or enhance our skills -also, pay attention to the business idea that has haunted your thoughts for a long time.

Moreover, having a calm mind represents significant support under considerable uncertainty when our decisions might have an essential effect on our path.  

In terms of personal motivation and self-development, uncertainty management is the key to success, entrepreneurship, business development plans, and familiar outlining. 

Having backup plans in advance to any possible scenario is an excellent way to develop a methodology that serves as operational plans of constant reinvestment and innovation to overcome any personal or familiar/social challenge outstandingly.

While creativity is an excellent ally to explore/analyze each challenge from a realistic vision to explore new methods that bring essential solutions, self-measurement models would draw decisive conclusions to accentuate our future’s best option. 

Creativity doesn’t mean an unreal artistic process but as a phase of the global vision that allows determining opportunities where others see crises and solutions where others only look for problems.


Success is proportional to the respect you have for the Past


Buddhist teachings emphasize acceptance and respect for the Past as a frame of reference for a healthy, complete and comfortable life. For example, successful people are focused on their spiritual peace and harmony with their past actions. 

Fullness combined with an emotional-spiritual balance is the key to accept that everything done cannot be undone. The Past has already passed without being able to be reversed.

According to Buddhist teachings, another key to success is that happiness means no regrets about past actions, emotions, feelings, ideas and thoughts that were done or not.  

Buddhist teachers explain our Past as a metal rod that heats up the more we grasp and use it, but it also rests when we leave it in place.

Our hand may burn from holding it for a while, so it should be let go and use on the occasions it deserves as a building tool.


The Past does not equal to future


Future means trying, daring and trying new paths that lead to favorable results based on clear and concise plans. That is why it is essential to know where you will design the route and find the most suitable map.

And although it sounds cinematic, it must be reiterated that there is no single destiny since we humans were created with the beautiful power of self-determination and “free will” to decide the reins of our existence.

Each action and decision that opens generates a new timeline with multiple destinations, which co-exist in perfect harmony with every one of the events that precede it and the future derivations that it implies.



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