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Editor: Isaías Blanco

In contemporary society, the lack of education in positivism has triggered a series of bad practices that have affected how we conceive ourselves.

If any professional is planning to be successful and diligent in a business or family environment, first needs to learn that all negative expressions pronounced and expressed constituted a dangerous silent enemy of outstanding achievements.

The highest infection rate that each/any negative expression might turn any good idea into a huge disaster. These adverse feelings might come from families, partners, couples, friends or colleagues who are in a perpetual state of complaints, sadness and frustration.

Here, it is convenient to cherish all the core stages of a healthy and positive mindset, mainly when the main aspirations point to success and spiritual wealth.


The Eight Hacks.


A. If we want to be useful in our profession, resolute with our entrepreneurship, leaders in the sector where we operate or only better people, we should avoid negative phrases when we refer to ourselves or think aloud.

B. Complaining and negativity is a neurolinguistic chip that we must remove from our thoughts -even more since our brain takes care of building neural links based on the most often information recorded about “ourselves.”

C. Speak with confidence about ourselves without any repudiation is an optimal shape to emphasize our values, desires, effort, past and history.

D. There is no integrity behind “silly jokes” to refer to blunders originated in the past by our poor performance. At the bottom, harmful memories poison the mind with insecurities, judgments and wrong appreciations.

E. The repetitive messages create a wave in time and space that disturbs our self-conception’s physical plane.

F. Since all repetitive messages can turn ideas into feasible realities is useful to create new mental hacks to replace negative any negative sentence for its exact and equals opposite.
–Every time there is nothing good to highlight about our behavior, mistakes or actions, it is better to declare, “I recognize the challenge to be my best version in the X area. I commit with myself to make I better and learn from my errors”.

G. Pejorative ideas and negativity are a neurolinguistic chip that we must remove from our thoughts so that our brain takes care of building neural links that enhance intellect and creativity.

I. Positivism mindset emphasizes the conception of the self as intelligence that comes to life to learn to overcome earthly suffering and achieve enlightenment through self-discovery.

Do never let anyone accentuate negative messages about “you” because there are no constructive criticisms. There are a thousand awareness methods that modify behaviors a thousand times more effective than highlighting a characteristic “you” aspire to improve.



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