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One of Harv Eker’s principles explains in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind that people who seek financial stability and want to multiply their income have to stay away from harmful, toxic friends and those who continuously complain.

Although it seems paradoxical, suppose that we decide to undertake and are in the first year of starting-up, and the rest of close “friends” do not leave their comfort zone space -like unhappy employees not able to build their dreams.

In this ambiguous scenario, our conscious mind -guided by the sense of friendship- will try to support our friends in their difficult moments, but to make our dreams real, we must avoid all negative vibes that would extract our energies.

Predestinately? Our subconscious is a machine that does not distinguish the intention of messages coming from friends and will empathize with the most repetitive info placed in each interaction with certain people. It means that each repetitive complaint, criticism, objection, grievance, or another harmful message will get adhesive in our deeps neurological workflow.

Therefore those negative “vibrations” sink into our most resonant structures to spread a toxic poison in our thoughts, which would be responsible suddenly for lousy mood, desperation, depression and lack of motivation.

Any kind -all- of complaints are viruses that spread insecurity and suffering into our aura. Sorrowfully, The Good Luck has magnified energy that vibes in other frequencies far from away from pessimism, melancholy, doubt, unhappiness, hopelessness and sadness.


Our energy is our primary value


If we spend too much time of de day-month-year hearing complaints from “friends” about how bad work is going, how unhappy they are in their job, how much their hate marriage and how big are their financial troubles, all those energies will get attached in our top of mind over. -Or it will affect our emotional layers.

It is not about being a bad friend or perverse friend -or an individual who does not feel empathy for their family, social or work environment-, it is a matter of our mental health, which cannot be corrupted under any circumstance.

Our mind and our time are the most important values that we need to make our dreams real and create our happiness, target all our vitally over projects, overcome the challenges and defeating challenges and difficulties.

Entrepreneurship is a process that involves an innumerable amount of cognitive and spiritual variables that are combined and interrelated minute by minute to bring ideas to reality, position products in markets, influence public opinion. -It attracts potential customers to the commercial space.

That is why Eker ensures that it is essential to surround ourselves with the right people in a venture’s most delicate moments.

It is not about being selfish or mean. It is a matter of spiritual health and the awakening of Consciousness of Action to understand that life cannot be taken care of by others’ pains because they are the product of their own decisions.

We decided to take charge of our destiny, and we promised that everything we undertook reaches a safe harbor and comply with all the quality standards that we have planned.



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