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Editor: Isaías Blanco

Good commercial entrepreneurship initiatives’ success depends on promoting a leading product/service adapted to the target audience’s needs in a highly segmented market.

Knowing how to evaluate traffic trends and Google searches related to the leading product/service will provide powerful insights to increase the market’s influence. 

Moreover, discovering how target users interact with a call to action, Ads, messages, blog posts, newsletters and tweets offers substantial business intelligence to turn web content into a proper selling funnel. 

Since Google allowed to explore how users use an internal search bar included on each e-commerce, it reveals the most significant acuteness related to hot products and customer patterns -also whereby potential customer interacts with content.

Free tools such as Google Trends, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Insight Manager, Buyer Ranks, Brand24 and Ritetag help visualize the best market opportunities in specific locations to rank the leading product/service. 

Additionally, this kind of analytical tool extracts the most significant amount of data from the interactive market to detect success opportunities, visualize possible challenges, consolidate the potential product’s strengths, and refactor the weaknesses or shortcomings when compared with similar elements.

These tools uncover an environment of valuable data capable of classifying user types by location, age, gender, likes, interests, hobbies, social class, and even insights regarding any objection towards the leading product/service.  

Although Web Analytics and Business Intelligence are critical pieces in Internet sales techniques, they are also areas of knowledge that every business owner and manager must master to increase the target locations’ sales ratio. 

Therefore, the proper management of information outlines the decisive -excluding factor- responsible for distinguishing successful ventures from those initiatives that remained on the paper -or in the owner’s mind.


Segmentation + User Analytics.


Understanding Web Analytics and Business Intelligence from the perspective of Design Thinking principles allows the entrepreneur and managers to improve the quality of leading product/service, weighing competitive advantages and differentiating elements over potential commercial rivals.

Precisely, discovering the missing function which the customers are demanding will increase the chances of drive sales. 

Besides, it must be emphasized that these techniques for analyzing audiences and potential markets are catalysts of the brand positioning process, but not those responsible for the purchase. The sale is the final result of a detailed commercial strategy capable of converting the most significant number of potential consumers into buyers.

It is also relevant to note that Web Analytics and Business Intelligence help study potential shoppers’ reactions after campaigns published on social networks, blogs, and Youtube.

The predictive application of audience and trend analysis is the best strategy to avoid any leading product/service market obstructions and avoid late-slow reactions to significant changes in buyer’s trends.  

Finally, adapting the web content -and call to action- to the most relevant Google trend will increase the possibilities of selling the leading product/service.



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